French Open 2019 Predictions – Who will Win the Grand Slam?

As the French Open 2019 begins from Sunday May 26th , the speculation is rife across the globe as to who will perform the best and get maximum clappings in tournament. All eyes are on the top stars and the French open 2019 predictions differ from person-to-person. Rafael Nadal has won five straight men’s single titles at Roland Garros and eleven times overall. But, unfortunately for this top star, becoming the first player ever to win 10 single titles at the Grand Slam tournament will not be a cakewalk, as his quarter of the bracket is quite loaded with quality opponents.

French Open 2019 Predictions

French Open 2019 Predictions – Who will Win this Championship?

There are some French open predictions 2019 for the top players in the men’s bracket. Talking about Rafael Nadal, it is not easy to pick Nadal in this tournament taking into account his past success. And a potential quarterfinal match up with Novak likely would be too tough of a challenge for him. Novak has already five tournament wins this season to his credit, including the Australian Open in January 2019. Apart, he has also dominated the clay courts in 2018. If Nadal were to beat Djokovic, he will have to play Andy Murray in the semi final. This is one of the major French open 2019 predictions we have done till date. This time the women’s bracket will be appearing on the wide open side.

In January, the first tennis tournament which was held in Australia which is also know Australia Open went through rough times as expected by audiences. Novak & Rafael had played for the men’s title in Australia open 2019 with pre tournament favorite Djokovic  as expected. On the other side, in womens tournaments Petra Kvitova performed very well and claimed the trophy with his unbeatable skills.

No matter if it is French Open or Australia Open, Nadal is everyone’s favorite player and he has won championship for the eleventh time on men’s side till date. Apart from Nadal, even Djokovic is also well supported by his fan and trust me in last few years, his gained more skills and fans than Rafael and in French Open 2019, he is going to give a tough competition to Rafael. French Open 2019 will be a lot different and entertaining than last time because this time, the competition will be between legends, each and every players are highly skilled and experienced and with great skills, comes the great responsibilities to beat their competitors in tennis match with patience.

There will never be the end of the French open 2019 predictions till the French cup begins and finishes. The predictions are the indicators of the popularity that the French Open tournaments already have. We are undergoing through massive preparations for the successful viewing of these tournaments. If you are among those whose fingers are crossed, and want to witness all the tournaments before you, all that you need to do is to browse our site.